• BESST-HORT conducted an Entrepreneurship Development program on 27th and 28th May 2019 to encourage entrepreneurial activities in mango and jackfruit coinciding with the unique and widely popular IIHR’s mango and jackfruit diversity fair (28th and 29th May 2019), which had over 500 varieties of mangoes and nearly 100 varieties of jackfruit on display. 
  • The EDP generated interest from participants from all over the country. The Karnataka Agri-Business Development Corporation also showed their support for the program by partially sponsoring the event and also by sending their enlisted entrepreneurs and FPOs for the event. The participants came from varied occupational backgrounds including farmers, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, FPO office bearers, executives from CSR foundation, corporates, etc.

Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)

BESST-HORT organised an EDP with the theme “Inspirations” on “Plant Health Management Technologies & Start-up Strategies on 15th March 2019 at ICAR-IIHR Campus.

Under this programme following technologies were taken up:

  • Arka Microbial Consortium, Actinoplus and Arka fermented Cocopeat
  • Biopesticide Technologies for Nematode Disease Complex Management
  • Role of micronutrients in plant health management, sealer cum healer and pheromone trap technology
  • Financial support for entrepreneurs
  • Successful stories of entrepreneurs
  • Startup strategies
  • Marketing strategies for plant management products
  • Facilities at IIHR for startups

The participants included farmers, aspiring entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs, students, academicians, KVK faculties, corporate social responsibility foundations, etc. from different parts of the country.