ICAR-IIHR Technlogies

A premier R&D institution working exclusively on 54 horticultural crops having developed 300 varieties and 112 technologies with a view of increase quality and productivity


ICAR-IIHR has developed varieties and technologies using biotechnological tools such as Molecular markers, Marker Assisted Selection and Micropropagation techniques

Seed & Planting Material

Vegetable Varieties

Fruit Varieties

Plant Health Management


Micronutrient formulations

  • Banana Special
  • Mango Special
  • Citrus Special
  • Vegetable Special

Pheromone-Traps for Mango crops

Installation of Mango Fruit fly traps Developed by IIHR, Bengaluru.

Botanical Formulations

  • Neem Soap
  • Pongamia Soap

Organic input and production of pesticide-free vegetables.

Arka Saka Nivarak

The prevention of spongy tissue in Mango. 

Arka Fermented Coco Peat

Arka decomposer.

Arka Microbial Consortium

Arka action plus

Arka Borer Controller

Improved version of Sealer cum Healer for the control of Mango stem borer.

Post- Harvest Technology

Farm Implements and Machineries

Mobile vending Van

Solar Powered Evaporative Cooled Fruits and Vegetable Vending Van. Know more.

Machinery for Post-Harvest operations

Mushroom Spawn and Cultivation Machine

Grain boiler, mixer and bag filler for mushroom spawn production. Know more.

The machinery / tools / developed for vegetable crops

  • Onion drum seeder

  • A set of Nursery machinery for big nursery